DAV Model School, C.F.R.I
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Fee Structure  
  FEE STRUCTURE- 2019-2020 & 2020-2021    
    2020-21 Expenditure Heads
i)  Registration Form Fee                          (Only New Applicants) 300 Establishment/ Salary of Employees 
ii) Admission Fee   UP  to Class- X                    (Only New Admission) 2500
ii) Admission Fee  XI & XII                     (Only New Admission) 3500
iii) Tuition Fee Nursery (p.m) 1300
iii) Tuition Fee Primary (p.m) 1450
iii) Tuition Fee Middle (p.m) 1500
iii) Tuition Fee Secondary (p.m) 1550
iii) Tuition Fee Sr. Secondary (p.m) 1750
iv) Annual Charges  (p.a) 4000
v) Computer Fee (p.m) Class V to X 70
v) Computer Fee (p.m) (XI&XII) optional 100
vi) Science Fee( IX  &  X ) (p.m) 50 Lab Expenses.
vi) Science Fee( XI  & XII) (p.m) 70
vii) Annual Development Fee (p.a) 800 School Development.
viii) Building Fund (p.a) 800 Building maintenance
ix) Pupil's Fund (p.m) 40 Administrative, Sports, Activity and & Function   Expenses.
x) MAGAZINE (p.a) 100 Journals, Periodicals, & Magazine etc
xi) Generator Fee (p.m) 15 Fuel &  Maintence  Expenses.
xii) Exam Fee  (p.a) 300 School Examination.
xiii) Insurance (p.a) 115 Students Insurance Premium.
xiv) Diary (p.a) 40 Printing of Diary.
xv) Identity Card (p.a) 30 Students I. Card.